Taproom Offerings

Draft Beer

Tox Sampler ($10) - Four 4 oz pours of your choice. Keep the glass when you're done.

Pour ($6+) - A single 8-16 oz pour fresh from the tap and served to consume onsite. Price and size are determined by ABV, style, and availability.

Growler Fills

32 oz Howler Fill ($9+) - Two pints of beer to go. Buy a new 32 oz Howler from us for $3 or bring your own. We don't discriminate. We are currently sold out of new howler glass.

64 oz Growler Fill ($16+) - Four pints of beer to go. Buy a new 64 oz growler from us for $5 or bring your own. We don't discriminate.

750 ml Growler Fill - While we don't sell new 750ml growlers, we welcome you to bring your own for us to fill.

*All options above are filled to-go only and may not be consumed or opened onsite. Please ensure growlers are clean and properly rinsed prior to coming in for fill service. We reserve the right to decline filling dirty growlers to ensure the safety and quality of our beer.*


32 oz Crowlers ($9+) - Two pints of beer to-go in a 32 oz aluminum crowler, filled on demand. Please Recycle!


We have an array of apparel, glassware, and other merchandise for sale in our taproom. Merchandise may be purchased from the bar anytime during retail hours. Ask us about gift cards! 

Food Truck/Event Schedule

  • July 21 - Ocean House Food Truck (Seafood and More) @ Tox

  • August 4 - Greekin Out (Greek Food) @ Tox

  • August 5 - Eli Cannons 10th Annual Charity Beer Fest

  • August 9 - Yoko Loco (Taco and Hibachi) @Tox

  • August 11 - Backyard Smokers (BBQ) @ Tox

  • August 23 - Backyard Smokers (BBQ) @ Tox

  • September 15 -Ocean House Food Truck (Seafood and More) @ Tox

  • September 21- Backyard Smokers (BBQ) @ Tox

  • September 28 - Backyard Smokers (BBQ) @ Tox

  • October 11 - Munchies @ Tox

  • October 19 - Backyard Smokers (BBQ) @ Tox

  • October 25 - Backyard Smokers (BBQ) @ Tox

*For food truck booking inquiries click the contact button below or email Lily@toxbrewing.com*

We accept all major credit cards or cash for purchases made onsite. We do not accept checks.

If you have any additional questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us