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Placebo Effect – Cream Ale – 5% ABV – We love our fancy craft beer like family, but sometimes even we just want to enjoy some yellow fizzy stuff. This is our signature cream ale made with the simplest grains and corn (yes, corn). Meeting the style guidelines of a traditional pre-prohibition US Cream Ale, this is one of two beer styles that was truly invented in America. This cream ale holds a place in our hearts as the most drinkable beer we've been able to concoct. It's great for a day of mowing your lawn, a round of flip cup, or kicking back on game day. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Detox Pilsner – 6.5% ABV - There is nothing more pure and less forgiving than one of our personal favorite styles of lager, a German style Pilsner. Our version is unfiltered, dry and crisp on the malt profile and hopped with noble hops. A light bill of premium Pilsner malt is complemented by crisp notes of floral and lemongrass. It's another perfect beer for those afternoons when you need to pace yourself, but still want a flavorful treat. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Copperhead – American Amber – 5.0% ABV – Copperhead is our American Amber Ale. We use crystal malts and a hint of black patent malts to achieve the traditional coloring and malt characteristic. It is topped off with a touch of dry hop to exhibit mild flavors of spicy pine and citrus. We hope this beer provides a swift and spicy bite like the snake we named it after, but also a balanced flavorful finish that comes in soft and peaceful, much like a walk through the Connecticut forest it occupies. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Ella Pollen – Hoppy Pale Ale – 5.6% ABV – Ella Pollen is the latest in our Pollen series featuring and brewed exclusively with Ella hops from Australia. Ella is the younger half sister to Galaxy and exhibits strong tropical flavors. We are tasting earthy grapefruit a big mix of dank tropical flavors! 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Dart Frog – IPA – 6.6% ABV – A big IPA named after a small animal... The one featured in our logo. Dart Frog is made with hops mostly from New Zealand. A lighter grain bill is paired with a delicate but pungent-with-flavor selection of hops. Tropical aromas and a soft pillowy mouthfeel are complemented by flavors of wine grapes, berries, and tropical fruit salad. 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

Devil’s Trumpet – IPA – 7.9% ABV – Devil's Trumpet is the first Double IPA we ever brewed on our 5 BBL Brewhouse. It started as an experiment to brew a very hop saturated Double IPA with readily available hops. The result was a flavor punch of accidental wonderment. We fell in love with the strong aromas that lead to favors of peach and citrus pine, and immediately added this gem to our regular lineup. 12 oz pour - $8 POURS ONLY

Deadly Nightshade (El Salvador Finca Matalapa Bourbon) – Coffee Milk Stout – 5.6% ABV – Deadly Nightshade is our coffee milk stout made with our own house-roasted coffee. For this batch, we chose a single origin bean from El Salvador called Finca Matalapa Bourbon. When roasted to this City/Full City level, we are tasting roasted nut, cinnamon and nutmeg, with a hint of bittersweet chocolate. We made a few tweaks to the base stout for this batch to add noticeable body. We also dialed it in to an ABV that is where we originally imagined this decadent treat of a milk stout to live. 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

Lily of the Valley (Peach Cobbler) – Fruited Berliner Weisse – 5.0 % ABV – Lily of the Valley is our sweet and sour, fruited Berliner Weisse style ale. It starts with our kettle soured Berliner, a pinch of lactose, and a whole bunch of fruit! For this batch we added naked golden oats to our mash, aged it on a bunch of peaches as well as honey oat granola clusters. The result is peachy with a subtle yet balanced cobbler flavor. KEEP REFRIGERATED and drink cold 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

More Coming Soon!