Our Story

Dayne & Mike playing at a Hurricane Katrina Benefit, 2005.

Dayne & Mike playing at a Hurricane Katrina Benefit, 2005.

Hello, we are Mike and Dayne, two lifelong friends from New London County that went to preschool together and have been the best of friends since fifth grade. We have bonded over many shared interests, including craft beer and the nuances of the brewing process. A few years ago we became close friends and bandmates with Jon, a great guy and talented brewer with a few more years of brewing experience than us. Jon quickly became our brewing buddy and partner in crime. We went on to brew together on a regular basis, and when homebrew sessions and events began to outnumber gigs at local bars, we decided to take our hobby more seriously.

Dayne, Mike, & Jon pouring at 'Brew With a View' in Middletown, CT in Summer of 2016.

Dayne, Mike, & Jon pouring at 'Brew With a View' in Middletown, CT in Summer of 2016.


The idea of Tox Brewing started as a daydream between the three of us a few days before Thanksgiving in 2015. We were standing over a converted 10 gallon Igloo cooler stirring hot water into mixed grains. That dream turned into an ongoing conversation, and then a plan, and finally a commercial transition. The two of us have taken the reigns of ownership while Jon continuously brews with us and helps in any way he can. Dayne’s background in Toxicology as well as his interest in poison, antidotes, and plants with natural healing properties have led us to the name and theme for Tox Brewing. We have been slowly realizing process through progress, and are consistently growing as we ponder every style, ingredient, and creation that are new to us.

Corey and Lily, The First Ladies of Tox.

Corey and Lily, The First Ladies of Tox.




We are not MBAs, nor are we Venture Capitalists. We are beer nerds and curiosity-filled explorers first and foremost. This endeavor came from a passion and desire to create better and more creative beer, and to continually push our own limits. Tox Brewing Company is Brewer owned and operated, and always will be. We cannot wait to continue to create and even more so, finally share the best beer we know how to make with as many people as possible.

As we immerse ourselves back into the diverse and artistic city of New London, we are looking forward to energizing this town and contributing to its rich history and undeniable culture. With the support of our amazing wives Lily and Corey, and some generous help from family and friends, this dream is being realized more and more every day as we take each step closer to opening our doors.

We welcome you into our modest laboratory to shake our hands, try our beer, give us feedback, and tell us your story... after all, it's probably a lot more interesting than ours.

Meet The Team!

Mike - Co-Owner, Head Brewer, Marketing/Retail

Dayne - Co-Owner, CFO, Resident Toxicologist

Jon - Co-Founder, Recipe Technical Specialist, Coffee Roaster, Lager Jockey, Retail

Tucker - Assistant Brewer, Cellarman, Retail - Tucker is a Connecticut Native growing up right down the street in Waterford. He attended UConn and has a degree in Marine Science. His interest don’t only include making beer at Tox, he also home brews in his spare time. He enjoys hiking, spending time in nature, and playing videos games. Thank goodness Tucker doesn’t mind milling grain, because Mike is over it. Tucker may often be heard saying “Send it!”

Zach - Beer Ambassador, Retail

Ireland - Retail

Brian - Retail

Emily - Retail

Sabrina - Retail

Larry - Retail

Karen - Retail

Dylan - AWOL