Currently on Tap

Placebo Effect – Cream Ale – 5% ABV – We love our fancy craft beer like family, but sometimes even we just want to enjoy some yellow fizzy stuff. This is our signature cream ale made with the simplest grains and corn (yes, corn). Meeting the style guidelines of a traditional pre-prohibition US Cream Ale, this is one of two beer styles that was truly invented in America. This cream ale holds a place in our hearts as the most drinkable beer we've been able to concoct. It's great for a day of mowing your lawn, a round of flip cup, or kicking back on game day. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Citra Pollen – Pale Ale – 5.6% ABV – Pollen is our rotating hop Pale Ale series. Pollen uses a consistent simple grain selection and ale yeast paired with a rotating selection of hops. The idea here is to highlight the subtleties of our favorite single hops... or hops we wish to learn more about. The result is a beer with a crisp golden color and a pillowy mouth feel, each version being unique in its own way. This version features our exploration into the Citra hop. Heavy floral and citrus nose are followed by intense flavors of tropical fruit, peach, and citrus. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16


Angel Wings – American IPA – 7.0% ABV – Our American IPA and one of the first ever Tox originals.   It is the culmination of our always inspired and never satisfied urge to make a hop forward IPA that meets our standards. The result is a full bodied treat that is hop heavy and brilliant orange in color. Angel Wings takes flight on wings of strong aroma and complex dank citrus flavors, all wrapped in a delicate halo of bitterness.  12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $11 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17


Deadly Nightshade (Colombia Inzá Veredas Vecinas) – Coffee Milk Stout – 4.7% ABV – Our coffee milk stout uses less roasted malts and milk sugar to let the sweetness and rich, bold flavors come through. We want it to be approachable but pleasantly sweet so we thickened it up to a texture that screams dessert... Each batch is dosed with an unreasonable amount of a different single origin, or blend of coffee that we roast and grind ourselves at Tox. For the first Nightshade batch on our 5 BBL brewhouse, we wanted to select something special to run through our roaster. Excited by its deep chocolate flavors, we decided to roast up some Colombia Inzá Veredas Vecinas. In addition to dark chocolate, we get some sweet almond and toffee candy flavors as it warms in the glass. 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $11 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17


Belladonna - Chocolate Coconut Stout - 6.8% ABV - Belladonna has quickly become one of our new favorites here at Tox. We start with a thick base stout and cram it full of freshly toasted coconut and cacao nibs. Let it warm in your glass as flavors of dark chocolate evolve into buttery coconut. 12 oz pour - $8 32 oz fill - $12 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $18


Achievement Day - Rye IPA - 6.1% ABV - We wanted to make this one of the first batches we ever brewed on our 5 BBL system to celebrate the accomplishment of reaching the starting line… Opening Tox Brewing Company to the public. The three of us put our heads together to collaborate on this Rye IPA using a new yeast for us. While retaining its fluffy mouthfeel, the nose is citrus and grapefruit, followed by flavors of tropical, ripe citrus, floral, lemon and grapefruit. All complemented by a more complex malt layer featuring a present but delicate hint of Rye. 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $12 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17


Mantis - Connecticut Table Beer - 4.1% ABV - Excited by a new funky yeast to hit the market, we decided to craft a beer along the style guidelines of a Grisette or Saison with it in mind. We then decided to 100% make it with Connecticut ingredients. We chose a light, crisp malt profile from our friends at Thrall that includes raw Triticale, paired with a floral fruity tasting CT grown hop. The phenolic and fruity yeast esters have all kinds of fun wild characteristics, making this a real party for the palate. We are calling it our Connecticut Table Beer and named it after our state insect, the Praying Mantis - one of nature’s most interesting creatures and ruthless killers. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Gift - Vienna Style Lager - 4.5% ABV - This is our interpretation of a Vienna Lager. Amber-reddish in color, our goal was extreme balance between semi-sweet and bready malt flavors and a crisp, dry, noble hop taste. We think we succeeded. “Gift” is also a German word that directly translates to “Poison” in English. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Hard Cider from Holmberg Orchards - Gales Ferry, CT - Original Hard Cider, Rose, and Hop Cider. 16 oz pour - $60000