Currently on Tap

Placebo Effect – Cream Ale – 5% ABV – We love our fancy craft beer like family, but sometimes even we just want to enjoy some yellow fizzy stuff. This is our signature cream ale made with the simplest grains and corn (yes, corn). Meeting the style guidelines of a traditional pre-prohibition US Cream Ale, this is one of two beer styles that was truly invented in America. This cream ale holds a place in our hearts as the most drinkable beer we've been able to concoct. It's great for a day of mowing your lawn, a round of flip cup, or kicking back on game day. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Nerium  –  Pale Ale – 5.4% ABV – Nerium is our hop forward Australian Pale Ale that we characterize as having the flavor of "Dankberries". It starts with an extremely simple malt bill and our pale ale yeast which creates a canvas for the hop flavors to shine. Anchored by Vic Secret, notice the flavors of dank pine, berries, and the subtle tropical fruit that is soon to follow.  16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $9 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Pharm Party 1 – IPA – 6.2% ABV – Pharm Party is our rotating experimental series, every version being different. Pharm Party 1 came from a desire to explore a combination of some of our favorite American grown hops along with Idaho Gem, a newly branded hop to hit market availability. We also snuck in some honey malt and played with a blend of two of our IPA yeasts. We are experiencing loads of cirtus aromas followed by flavors of peach, grapefruit, and pine resin.  12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $11 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

Deadly Nightshade (Rwanda Nyamasheke Cyato) – Coffee Milk Stout – 6.3% ABV For this batch of Nightshade, we chose an intriguing raw coffee bean from Rwanda described as tying together Citrus-like brightness and simple syrup sweetness. We upped the ABV on this batch a little. The light medium roast we chose is bringing out a lot of roasted fruit flavors and earthy tea leaves when paired with the base stout. 16 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

Black Widow – Imperial Stout – 8.4 % ABV – Our imperial stout backs off on the roasted barley and chocolate malt in favor of a delicate balance of crystal malts and an array of other dark malts to create deep layered flavor. Thick, smooth, and slightly dry on the finish with a crisp bitterness, We taste spirit soaked dark chocolate, toasted almonds, and lightly smoked plum raisin. 12 oz pour - $8 32 oz fill - $12 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $20