Currently on Tap

Deadly Nightshade with OREOs - Coffee Milk Stout - 5.8% ABV - A single keg of Deadly Nightshade casks with an absurd amount of Oreos overnight. We upped the Oreo quotient since the last time we played with them, and boy does it show. 12 oz pour - $8 VERY SMALL AMOUNT REMAINS

Crocus - Kölsch - 5% ABV - Our version of a German style Kölsch. A simple bed of pilsner and carapils is is fermented with German Kölsch yeast and then endurs a lager style crash. Light easy drinking pale that finishes crisp and clean. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Detox – Pilsner – 5.5% ABV - There is nothing more pure and less forgiving than one of our personal favorite styles of lager, a German style Pilsner. Our version is unfiltered, dry and crisp on the malt profile and hopped with noble hops. A light bill of premium Pilsner malt is complemented by crisp notes of floral and lemongrass. It's another perfect beer for those afternoons when you need to pace yourself, but still want a flavorful treat. 16 oz pour - $6 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $16

Magik Monkshood - 6.8% ABV - Our Fruited Harvest Ale made to celebrate Autumn! We start with a dark Saison style ale and let it finish fermenting on top of seasonal fruit. For this batch decided to use Cranberry and Tangerine, seasonal fruit from near and far. Tart cranberry and tangy citrus evolve into a pleasant reminder of the saison yeast strain at play, all wrapped in a warming malt body and pleasant hint of bitterness. 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

Angel Wings – American IPA – 6.7% ABV – Our American IPA and one of the first ever Tox originals.   It is the culmination of our always inspired and never satisfied urge to make a hop forward IPA that meets our standards. The result is a full bodied treat that is hop heavy and brilliant orange in color. Angel Wings takes flight on wings of strong aromas of dank citrus and flavors of grapefruit, melon, and mango, all wrapped in a delicate halo of bitterness.  12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

Pharm Party 3 - IPA - 7.0% ABV - Pharm Party is our rotating experimental series that puts an emphasis on our hoppy beer research. Pharm Party 3 was born out of a desire to experiment with our mash temperature and water chemistry. The result is a hazy IPA that pours straw yellow in color has a strong tropical aroma. We are getting a soft yet full and fluffy mouthfeel and strong flavors of mango, melon, grapefruit, and orange, with a pleasant bright bitterness. 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

Double Agent
- Double IPA - 8% - There isn't much description needed here. We scaled up “Agent O” into a shameless Juice Bomb. This is our all Citra Double IPA that features mostly whirlpool hop additions, with a heavy dry hopping to follow... all with Citra. Be careful, paired with a subtle but present malt flavor, this smooth and juicy 8% will sneak up on you like a Double Agent. 12 oz pour - $8 32 oz fill - $12 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $20

Deadly Nightshade (Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista) - 5.8% ABV - Our beloved coffee milk stout got some new coffee! For this batch we decided to try our roaster with a Dry Process bean for the first time, a varietal out of Brazil. Holy Earthy Chocolate! The slightly thickened base stout body and carefully chosen roasted/black patent malts pair quite nicely with the spicy earth and chocolate fudge notes from the coffee. Let it warm in the glass and enjoy slowly 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

Lily of the Valley (Cherry Apricot) – Fruited Sour – 5.0 % ABV – Lily of the Valley is our sweet and sour, fruited Berliner Weisse style ale. It starts with our kettle soured Berliner, a pinch of lactose, and a whole bunch of fruit! This batch is made with Apricot and Tart Cherries. A slightly less sweetened base beer is blended with a wonderful combination of spring and summer stone fruit. Tart up front and sweet on the finish, this combination makes for one of our most drinkable kettle sour creations to date. 12 oz pour - $7 32 oz fill - $10 (crowler +$1) 64 oz fill - $17

ON DECK: Pale Ale and IPA